Welcome to The Yare Education Trust

The Yare Education Trust is a collaborative group of school communities, formally partnering each other in a Multi Academy Trust.

Our aim is to ensure that every child within our community enjoys the best possible education.  We believe that students should achieve academic success, but also that the educational experience that each child receives should include helping him or her to understand the need for respect and responsibility.  Equally, we believe that a good education should include activities beyond the academic curriculum such as sport, fieldwork and educational visits.

Each of the schools in our Trust has a unique identity which we wish to retain.  We also recognise that there are individual strengths within each school from which the rest of the Trust can learn. Parents can be confident that in whichever school they choose in our Trust, their child will receive an excellent, broad based education which will form a solid foundation for progression to the next stage of his or her development.

To ensure our children and young people achieve success, the Trust has a culture of reflective professional growth by every member of staff, matched with a relentless approach to staff development.  This equips our team to the highest standards and ensures high expectation influences all our actions.

Stakeholder Consultation

The Boards of Trustees of The Yare Education Trust and Boudica Schools Trust are considering coming together to create a single new Multi Academy Trust.  As part of that process, they are keen to understand the views of stakeholders.  The documents below details how you can contribute to that process.

Our Schools

Dussindale Primary School

joined 1 September 2016

North Walsham Infant School

joined 1 February 2018

Hemblington Primary School

joined 1 July 2017

North Walsham Junior School

joined 1 February 2018

Hillside Avenue Primary and Nursery School

joined 1 September 2016

Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form

joined 1 September 2016

Bluebell Primary School

joined 1 July 2020

Professional Studies Hub

The Yare Education Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales at Trust Central Office, Longfields Road, Norwich, NR7 0NB (Company Number – 10301555)

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